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Sharing Your Health Record

Many primary care services in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough use a secure electronic health record system called SystmOne. Your health record held on SystmOne includes your medical history, details about your medication and any allergies you may have.  With your permission, this system can allow clinicians to share your full record held at one service with other healthcare services who are providing care for you. These other services will ask your permission to view your record.
From 19th August 2013 an update will be applied to patient records in SystmOne so you can be offered a choice in how your information can be shared.

Every GP practice or service that uses SystmOne and is caring for you will offer you two choices which allow you to control how your record is shared. You can change these choices at any time by letting the relevant practice or service know.

Choice One:
Sharing OUT - This controls whether your information recorded at the practice or service can be shared with other healthcare services.  You may be asked
“Are you happy for your record here to be shared with other services involved in your care?”
If you say yes to this you are making your record available to other services which are actively caring for you.  You will still have to give those services permission to view your record before they can see it.

Choice Two:
Sharing IN - This determines whether or not a practice or service can view information in your record that has been entered by other services who are providing care for you, or who may provide care for you in the future.
You may be asked
“Are you happy for your doctor to have access to your records held at other services involved in your care?”

If you say yes to this you are making your record held elsewhere available to this service.  In order for this service to see your record you must have already given the service that holds the record permission to share out.

An example of how this works:

Imagine you’re receiving care from three services: your GP, a district nurse and a smoking clinic. You want your GP and District Nurse to share information with each other and you want both of them to know your progress at the smoking clinic. However, you don’t want the smoking clinic to see any of your other medical information.

Your sharing choices at each practice or service would be:

The GP can share information IN and OUT.

The district nurse can share IN and OUT.

The smoking clinic can only share information OUT but not IN.

Why is SystmOne record sharing changing?

SystmOne record sharing is changing to meet the requirements of the NHS Care Record Guarantee. The NHS Care Record Guarantee for England sets out the rules that govern how patient information is used in the NHS and what control the patient can have over this.

What is the NHS Care Record Guarantee?

In the National Health Service in England, we aim to provide you with the highest quality of healthcare. To do this, we must keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided to you or plan to provide to you.

NHS care records may be electronic, on paper or a mixture of both, and organisations use a combination of working practices and technology to manage these.

You have the right to privacy and confidentiality and to expect the NHS to keep confidential information safe and secure (the NHS Constitution for England 2010).

The Government has made it clear that patients will have control of their own health records, starting with access to the records held by their GP and extending to records held by all health providers (Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS, Department of Health, 2010, paragraph 2.11).

The people who care for you use your records to:

• provide a good basis for all health decisions made by you and healthcare professionals
• allow you to work with those providing care
• make sure your care is safe and effective
• work effectively with others providing you with care.

The NHS asks that:
• you allow us to share as much information about you as we need to provide you with healthcare
• If you have decided to limit how we share the information in your electronic care record with others, tell us if you change your mind. We will always try to provide you with the best possible care, but bear in mind that limiting the information we can share may make this more difficult.

For further details see NHS Care Record Guarantee

If I have queries about the sharing of SystmOne records, who do I ask?

For general queries about SystmOne record sharing please contact the Patient Experience Team on 0800 279 2535 or capccg.pet@nhs.net .

Further information can also be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. 


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