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The CCG ceased to exist on 1 July and this website is no longer being updated. Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care Board, part of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System, took over the statutory responsibilities of the CCG. Please visit CPICS
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Finance and Performance

The CCG is working hard to address our financial deficit. The current and future financial challenges facing our health and care system are of an unprecedented scale, but we are fully committed to returning the CCG and our health system to a sustainable financial position.

Quarterly Review Process and Balance Scorecard (BSC)

Quarterly checkpoints form a key part of the annual assessment. On a quarterly basis, the relevant NHS England Area Team meets with its local CCGs to review their effectiveness in discharging their statutory responsibilities.  This includes reviewing the CCG’s delivery against plans, the performance of commissioned healthcare providers, progress in addressing remaining authorisation conditions and discussion of local strategic issues. These are available under Related pages.

Publication of Financial Sanctions applied by Commissioners

NHS Commissioners are requested to publish details of the financial fines and penalties imposed on providers for not achieving national standards of performance.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG will report individually on sanctions (fines and penalties) for all our contracts, whether we are the co-ordinating commissioner or not. Values are only reported where the sanction in respect of a particular standard at the relevant provider exceeds £1,000 in the reporting period. Where a sanction is applied only annually, the position will only be reported annually.

External auditors

The CCG's External Auditors for 2019/20 are Ernst & Young 

The Local Audit Accountability Act 2014 requires the CCG to appoint an External Auditor to audit its annual accounts. The CCG was required to make an appointment by 31 Dec 2016.

The CCG's Governing Body approved the recommendation of the audit panel to appoint Ernst & Young as external auditors through the Shared Business Services (SBS) framework, at its meeting on the 1 November 2016.