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Big Conversation text only version

27 September to 20 December 2019 

Funding for healthcare across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is under pressure. More people are using our services and NHS resources are limited, this includes staff and money. We are currently buying more than we can afford with our current budget, which means we are overspending.  This means we need to make some difficult decisions about the services we can afford to provide in the future. 

The Big Conversation has been created to help us, the people who buy the healthcare services in your area, to understand what is most important to you, our local community. 

What do we do at NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)? 

Here at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we are responsible for buying NHS services in our local area. We have a budget of £1.3 billion to deliver healthcare services to 980,000 people across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. This includes funding for hospitals, GP services, pharmacies, mental health services, NHS 111 and much, much more. 

Whilst £1.3 billion may sound like a lot of money, it sadly isn’t enough to deliver all of the healthcare services that we would like. If our current budget was shared equally across our whole population it would amount to £1,125 to spend per person each year and we are currently operating at a deficit of £75 million, which means significant savings must be made. Which is why we need to make sure that money is spent in the best way possible. 

This is how where we spend our money at the moment… 

  • Hospitals (acutes) £670.8 million 
  • GP services £155.8 million 
  • Mental health £127.3 million 
  • Community healthcare £111.7 million 
  • Prescriptions £118.3 million 
  • Other costs £68million for continuing healthcare; £25.1 million for Better Care Fund (together with Local Authorities); £16.4 million for specialist services, clinical teams, non-emergency patient transport and other items; and 1.4% for running costs and 0.43% as contingency. 

Here is how much some typical services cost us to buy (bearing in mind that the current budget amounts to approximately £1125 per person per year if it was shared equally between each person in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.) 

  • A trip to A&E costs £73 
  • Calling out an ambulance costs £180 
  • A visit to your GP costs £46 
  • A night’s stay in hospital costs £1722 

How can the NHS locally help save money? 

There are several different ways we can help save public money ensuring we can continue delivering the most important healthcare services that we need in our local area and live within our means.   

We can stop, reduce, or change things that we are already doing. 

At the same time as looking for ways to reduce costs to minimise changes to frontline services wherever possible. 

Our team have already been working hard to: 

  • Reduce duplication within the NHS locally. 
  • Review and condense our own teams, working better together across services and teams. 
  • Become more efficient and reduce variation in procedures and processes across our area. 
  • Be more innovative within current financial constraints. 

However, to deliver a good quality healthcare service within our budget, we will have to reduce funding for, or in some cases stop funding all together some services in our area.  

What is your role in the Big Conversation? 

We want to hear your thoughts about healthcare in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. It is vital we find out more about the services you value most and listen to your ideas for how we might change the way people access and use healthcare services.  

We need to work together making sure we deliver good quality healthcare within the budget we have been allocated. This is why we have created these new opportunities to listen to your ideas about how we might make savings in the future, whilst protecting the services you value most. 

We want to listen to your experiences of using our local NHS services and hear about opportunities you have seen to change things.  

Find out more about the Big Conversation by visiting bit.ly/NHSBigConversation 

Share your views 

You can share your views in a number of ways:  

Fill in the questionnaire found online on our website: bit.ly/NHSBigConversation  

Attend one of our events – find an event near you, by visiting bit.ly/NHSBigConversation  

Phone us on 01223 725317  

This information is available in other languages and formats on request. 

This summary document will be downloaded in full as a page on our website where the text to voice facility, read speaker, is available. 

To request alternative formats, please contact us on: 

01223 725304 or capccg.engagement@nhs.net