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GP News - 28 February 2020

BOOK NOW: PCN GP Educational event – Thursday 12 March

This is a great opportunity for practices to meet the Dr Nikki Kanani, Medical Director of Primary Care for NHE England & NHS Improvement, to learn how PCNs are progressing, and hear how other PCNs across the country are developing new models of care. Other speakers include Mani Dhesi, Transformation Director, SDSmyhealthcare Federation and Dr Jeanine Smirl, Clinical Director of Norwich PCN.

The event takes place at Huntingdon Race Course on Thursday 12 March, 13:00-15:00 (buffet lunch 12.30)

For further information on event agenda and to book your place visit: https://cptraininghub.nhs.uk/event/ccg-ed-primary-care-networks/

Agenda - Primary Care and PCNs - 12 March 2020

Flyer - Education Event - Primary Care Networks - 12 March 2020

Have your say: Future of Urgent and Emergency Care

To help deliver improvements for patients and drive innovation, our providers have committed to working closely together as a ‘UEC Collaborative’.  They are working together to identify ways in which they could deliver a new, more joined up, 24/7 urgent care service, making best use of our limited, highly valued workforce from October 2020. 

This focuses on local urgent care services such as Out of Hours GP services, MIUs and UTCs, NHS 111, JET and GP streaming within our emergency departments. Further information on the UEC Collaborative can be found HERE

A key part of shaping our future plans is gaining views and feedback from our local health professionals and you can do this by:

Thank you for your support.

New Complex Wound Template

A new CCG Complex Wound Template has been developed for Primary Care to reflect best practice standards in wound care, following the work undertaken with the local GPNs last year and from the recommendations from the  CCG Tissue Viability Nurse Educators and national leads. It will be live on SystmOne from Monday 24 February 2020.  

Due to the transition to Snowmed codes, the Emis Web version of the template is still under development. It will be released by 13 March 2020.

The existing template will remain on the system until 31 March 2020 to ensure users have time to become familiar with the new template. If your Practice uses Ardens templates, you will be able to choose to either continue using the Ardens template or to use the new CCG template.

If you have clinical queries on how to use the template, please contact Kathryn Caley, GPN Education Facilitator, Training Hub. Email:  kcaley@nhs.net Tel:  07398 638666

If you have technical queries on how to access or configure the template, please contact the CCG Information Team.  Email:  CAPCCG.primarycareinformation@nhs.net

Wound Photography Guidelines

Having photographs of wounds within the clinical record improves the ability of clinicians to monitor for signs of improvement or deterioration and make appropriate decisions regarding treatment regimes.  It also enhances the ability of specialists to provide virtual advice and guidance.  Very few clinicians are using wound photography due to concerns regarding information governance and data protection.  To support clinicians to use wound photography safely, the attached Wound Photography Guidelines have been developed.  

Attachments:  Wound Photography Process (SystmOne) & Wound Photography Process (Emis Web) 

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week - 20-26 April 2020

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week 2020 is taking place from 20-26 April.  A free toolkit is now available to pre-order  from the PHE Campaign Resource Centre and includes everything you need to host your own prevention event.  Toolkits will be dispatched on a first come first served basis.  If you have any queries regarding the toolkit, please email England.NDPP@nhs.net 

Primary Care Networks - Information for patients

PCNs were introduced as part of the NHS’s Long Term Plan which was published in 2019, and came into being in July 2019. They were created to provide patients with proactive, coordinated care, with a strong focus on prevention and personalised care. Each Primary Care Network is led by a Clinical Director.

You can find out what PCN your GP practice is in, and who the Clinical Director is for your PCN, in this PCN list. You can also find out more about PCNs in this two page explainer.

Central Alerting System (CAS)

You can view all alerts on the MHRA website: https://www.gov.uk/drug-device-alerts

Class 4 Drug Alert, For Information, Crescent Pharma Ltd, Flamingo Pharma (Uk) Ltd, Ibuprofen 400mg Tablets (Various Liveries)

Crescent Pharma Ltd and Flamingo Pharma (UK) Ltd have informed us that the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) within their packs for the above pharmacy (P) batches is incorrect. When dispensing or providing this product over the counter, please check the Marketing Authorisation Holder and the batch number; if any of the above batch numbers are being dispensed, ensure that patients are aware of the correct dosage instructions and maximum daily dose as stated on the carton labelling.

  • Correct statement: The maximum daily dose should not be more than 3 [three] tablets (1200 mg).

Where possible, these packs should be considered to be dispensed against a prescription rather than sold over the counter to safeguard patients from taking a prescription only dose.

Class 4 Fmd Drug Alert, For Information, Accord Healthcare Ltd, Diamorphine Hydrochloride Bp 100mg Lyophilisate For Solution For Injection

Accord Healthcare Ltd has informed us of an issue related to the expiry date for the above batches, which has not been encoded in 2D data matrix. Upon FMD scanning verification and decommissioning the product. Attempts to scan to verify or to verify and decommission the FMD 2D Data Matrix code on the pack will result in an `Alert or a failed scan. Please perform the usual checks for falsified medicines according to the FMD Source guidance and dispense if deemed acceptable based on these checks. Due to inadequate supply of alternative products, the product is not being recalled. This issue only affects the batches listed above and all future batches will be corrected to avoid this error.

Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) 2011/62/EU introduced new requirements to enhance the security of the European supply chain. Where the MHRA has identified risks to the security of the supply chain, FMD Alerts will be issued. For further information about FMD and safety features, please see this link on GOV.UK.

Class 4 Drug Alert, For Information, Crescent Pharma Ltd And Flamingo Pharma (Uk) Ltd, Ibuprofen 400mg Tablets (Various Liveries) - Update

*Please note this is an update to EL(20)A/10 to include updated batches that are affected for Crescent Pharma Ltd. There are two documents attached, one is the fully updated drug alert containing all impacted batches, including those identified when the drug alert was first issued. The second document contains the newly identified batches only.*

Crescent Pharma Ltd and Flamingo Pharma (UK) Ltd have informed us that the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) within their packs for the above pharmacy (P) batches is incorrect. When dispensing or providing this product over the counter, please check the Marketing Authorisation Holder and the batch number; if any of the above batch numbers are being dispensed, ensure that patients are aware of the correct dosage instructions and maximum daily dose as stated on the carton labelling.

  • Correct statement: The maximum daily dose should not be more than 3 [three] tablets (1200 mg).

Where possible, these packs should be considered to be dispensed against a prescription rather than sold over the counter to safeguard patients from taking a prescription only dose.

Class 4 Drug Alert, For Information, Crescent Pharma Ltd, Memantine 10mg Film Coated Tablets 

Crescent Pharma Ltd has informed us of a discrepancy on the product packaging with specific batch of Memantine 10mg Film Coated Tablets. 

The discrepancy relates to the incorrect quantity printed on one side (end flap) of the packs in error. 

The incorrect end flap states that the quantity of tablets within the pack is 30, however this is incorrect and should state 28 as per all other sides of the pack. The other product details on the pack including the name, strength and pharmaceutical form of the medicine are correct and this issue only affects the batches listed in the alert.

NHS England Regional Offices: Please cascade this alert to Community Pharmacy and to any dispensing GP practices not yet registered with CAS.

GP Practices: Please note this alert is relevant to Dispensing GP Practices only.

All T34 And T34l (T60) Ambulatory Syringe Pumps ? Check Pumps Before Each Use Due To Risk Of Under-Infusion And No Alarm

Manufactured by CME (a BD company)  updated advice to address `wear and tear of the syringe pump motor block which may lead to under-infusion.

Epanutin (Phenytoin) 30mg/5ml Oral Suspension - Supply Disruption Alert

Epanutin® (phenytoin) 30mg/5ml oral suspension will be out of stock from w/c 2nd March until late June 2020.

The Canadian brand of phenytoin 30mg/5ml oral suspension - `Dilantin-30®? - is equivalent to Epanutin® 30mg/5ml oral suspension and supplies are available on an `unlicensed? basis. 

Different formulations of phenytoin (other than Dilantin® 30mg/5ml oral suspension) are not interchangeable and if patients are switched to anything other than `Dilantin® (phenytoin) 30mg/5mL oral suspension? careful management of switching and monitoring is required which may require specialist advice, support, or referral.

This alert contains advice on the management of affected patients and includes three download documents of supporting information.

Diamorphine Hydrochloride Powder For Reconstitution And Injection 5mg And 10mg Ampoules - Supply Disruption Alert

There are two suppliers of diamorphine hydrochloride 5mg and 10mg in the UK. One supplier is currently out of stock and one is expected to be out of stock shortly.

This alert contains advice on the management of affected patients and includes an additional document from UK Medicines Information.

Class 4 Drug Alert, For Information, G.L. Pharma Gmbh T/A Healthcare Pharma, Oxylan Prolonged-Release Tablets, All Strengths, (Oxycodone Hydrochloride - See Alert For More Information)

G.L. Pharma GmbH T/A Healthcare Pharma Ltd has informed us that the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) within the packs for the specified batches of Oxylan Proloinged-release Tablets (all strengths) are missing important safety relevant text changes. The additional safety information is detailed in the alert. 

Healthcare professionals are asked to ensure that patients are aware of the missing information and the current PIL should be included when dispensing the the batches listed in this alert, (https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/search?q=oxylan).

Tympanic Thermometers  Revision Of The Calibration Frequency Of Cardinal Health Genius 2 And Genius 3 Models

Manufactured by Cardinal Health calibration period revised to 25 weeks instead of yearly to ensure these thermometers remain within their accuracy range and reduce the risk of misdiagnosis or delay in treatment. 

FREE First 5 Education

Leading up the launch of the Fellowship Programme in August 2020 we are putting on FREE regular education for early career GPs:

Thursday 12 March  Appraisal and Revalidation: Top tips and Q&A  Click  here to book now 
Thursday 07 May  Keeping up with Level 3 learning for Child Safeguarding  Click here to book now 

Look out for more dates coming up soon.  We look forward to seeing you there.

New “Shapes” Courses for 2020

Do you want to beat the burnout? Are you a GP who wants to thrive at work, feel calm, competent and love what you do again? Do the demands of the job, the workload and long hours make you feel overwhelmed, is it possible to do a great job under such pressure? 

Come to our masterclass and find out how the “Shapes Toolkit” can help you beat stress, increase wellbeing and productivity and take back control of your work life. Run by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP coach, specialist in resilience at work and host of the podcast for GPs, ”you are not a Frog”

Join us for an evening buffet, on either:

Monday 23rd March 19:00 – 21:00 “Shapes Beat the Burnout” Masterclass Holiday Inn, Peterborough West Click here to book now
Thursday 2nd April 19:00 – 21:00 "Shapes Beat the Burnout” Masterclass Holiday Inn, Impington, Cambridge Click here to book now

Shapes Toolkit courses will be held throughout the year and will be announced shortly.

Fellowship for newly-qualified GPs

The new GP Contract outlines plans for a fellowship programme for newly qualified GPs across England.  This will start in August 2020 with the expectation that all NQGPs will be working under this contract from August 2021.  

To find out what this means for Registrars approaching CCT and for Practices, come to our Careers Fair on 01 April at the Huntingdon Marriott.  Click here for more information and booking. 


To support you with induction of your new registered clinicians, we are offering a series on workshops on a Wednesday afternoon. These are also open to anyone who feels that they would benefit from the session: 

 Weds 04 Mar  13:00-16:30  Clinical Systems – SystmOne/Emis
 Weds 18 Mar  13:30-16:30  Information Governance
 Weds 25 Mar  13:00-17:00  Clinical Awareness & Coding
 Weds 01 Apr  13:00-17:00  Communication Skills
 Weds 22 Apr  13:30-17:00  Safety and Significant Events
 Weds 29 Apr  13:00-17:00  Managing Uncertainty
 Weds 13 May  09:00-16:00  Motivational Interviewing
 Weds 20 May   13:00-17:00  Effective Consultations

Please click here for full dates and information. 

There are still places on the Cervical Screening Update through ARU on 24 March, please click here for further information. 

On Thursday 23 April 13:00-17:00, we have a Coaching Skills for Practice Managers workshop, please click here to book.

NHS England and NHS Improvement

Start4Life Introducing Solid Foods

On Saturday 22nd February 2020, Public Health England (PHE) will launch the Start4Life Introducing Solid Foods campaign, which is back for a second year. The campaign will offer parents support and advise on introducing solid foods to their baby, during what can be a confusing time. Resources including a Social Media Toolkit and a Communications Toolkit can be accessed via the Campaign Resource Centre.

Want to know how many of your patients are using the NHS App?

You can see the number of NHS App users your practice has by using a new dashboard, which shows uptake of the app across England.  The NHS App allows your patients to book GP practice appointments and order repeat prescriptions. Over 290,000 people across England now use the app.  Find out how to use the dashboard.  

Record High Two Million People At Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Around two million people in England are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, the highest on record, according to new NHS figures. The new figures come as the NHS ramps up efforts to treat, prevent and even put the illness in remission, as part of the NHS Long Term Plan. Read more here

Sir Peter Carr Partnership Award webinars

To share best practice two webinars are taking place in March.

18 March: Find out how the London Region reduced attendances to secondary care and waiting times for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea OSA, and how the North West region empowered people to live healthier lives to reduce strokes. In addition, we’ll hear how North East and Yorkshire introduced a health and wellbeing network to allow children to reach their full potential, and how the South East region ensured people were in control of their MSK care,
Register here: http://ow.ly/WOd250yrjlb

20 March: Find out how collaborative models of care have prevented hospital admissions for frail, older people in Luton – saving approx. £462,000. In addition, how virtual clinics have enhanced diabetes, CKD and frailty services in the Midlands and the Patient Experience team will share how we can co-produce services with the people that use them, to improve patient safety. Register here: http://ow.ly/oJot50yrgMC

The Eve Appeal

Cancer of the Vulva

The Eve Appeal have created a new resource to help healthcare professionals spot the signs of vulval disease and vulval cancer, as well as support patients who have been diagnosed. You can download it here

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Survey on charging of overseas visitors in the NHS: impact on primary care

In 2017 amendments to the charging of overseas visitors regulations within the NHS brought in upfront charging of patients, and saw for the first time, patients being denied treatment based on their ability to pay. 

Whilst many case studies within secondary care have been published, no one has yet looked at the impact these changes are having on primary care. Whilst primary care remains free for everybody despite immigration status, many hospital and community services have become inaccessible to certain groups, and we are concerned how this is impacting GPs. 

We have developed a short survey for GPs to ascertain their views of charging of overseas visitors, their experience within general practice, and any increase in workload they have experienced as a result of the recent changes. 

The survey should take around 5-10 minutes to complete, no personal information is collected, and it is GDPR compliant.

Please complete this short survey to help us compile evidence on how this legislation is impacting practice. If you would like to know more, please contact j.dobbin@nhs.net

With thanks and kind regards,

Francesca Burns

(GP ST1, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust) 

Local training opportunities

Local events are now being collated on the Training Hub website, we recommend you check this link for the latest training available for practices in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough https://cptraininghub.nhs.uk


Health Education England

Health Education England launches “Self-care aware” consultation programme

This short course aims to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to conduct a ‘self care aware’ consultation with the aim of improving confidence in advising patients and/or their carers on how they can manage and treat minor health conditions. 

Everyone Health

Making Every Contact Count

  • FREE training
  • Royal Society of Public Health accredited
  • National behaviour change programme
  • MECC Lite – One three hour session
  • RSPH Full MECC – Two three hour sessions (on separate days)
  • Delivered in your workplace for groups of 6 or more people (contact us for more information and to book)
  • See attached flyer for further details
The inclusion of external courses and events within GP News does not imply endorsement by NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG or any association with their operators.

Tier 2 Visa Sponsor Reimbursement scheme

The Tier 2 Visa Sponsor Reimbursement scheme via NHSE/I will end on the 31 March 2020. Attached is a flyer which explains the benefits of becoming sponsors.  Please direct any enquiries to capccg.primarycare@nhs.net


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GP News - 28 February 2020