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Support Programme for Practices and PCNs

As you may be aware application to be part of the NHS England Productive General Practice Quick Start (PGPQS) is now open following the pause as an effect of Covid-19.

The PGPQS programme uses Quality Improvement (QI) tools & techniques to support practices / PCN’s to implement change quickly and effectively. Over 2000 practices have seen the benefit of the programme so far, over the last 4 years releasing valuable time & capacity to help reduce in practice pressures. Delivered, remotely, over a period of around 9 weeks the programme is designed to provide practical support to make sustainable changes rather than theoretical training.

The next wave starts in October allowing the support to conclude before the new calendar year. The programme is fully funded by NHS England with the only investment from the practice being staff release and commitment once a week, to attend the 90 minute facilitated sessions.

There are 8 “modules” that cover a range of areas within the practice / PCN and each practice can choose up to 2 of these to work through during the 9 weeks of support.

Each practice / PCN will need to understand the programme commitments, why and how it could work for them and show the ability to accommodate the sessions before funding is released. Support for the initial engagement & application process will be provided by the licensed delivery partner (DP) to ensure the programme fits and funding is secured. This will include a short application in the form of a plan to be submitted by the 25 September.

Attached is a presentation that provides a little more information and you will need to attend a short Q&A session over the coming weeks so that you have the ability to ask questions, plan the release of staff and provide information for the application.


  • W/C 07 September – further information regarding the programme will be provided
  • W/C 14 September – attend a Q&A webinar explaining the programme, how it works and providing information to confirm your application
  • W/C 21 September – application plan submitted by the 25 September
  • W/C 28 September – confirmation of funding
  • W/C 12 October – virtual in-practice support commences

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If you have any further questions outside of the above then please do not hesitate to contact Sajid Khan (Call 07533 008945