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Soft intelligence eLine (SIL)

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group is aware of the importance of capturing feedback provided by service users or patients who undergo treatment at provider services in the area. 

It has been identified that staff and clinicians at our primary care organisations may receive feedback or comments relating to the care and service of providers. Other than the Patient Experience Team service and complaints process, which are used mainly to address concerns or complaints raised by service users, there were no means by which our primary care colleagues could share with us information brought to their attention.

The CCG has therefore developed a Soft Intelligence eLine (SIL) system which allows our primary care colleagues to share information to assist to identify recurring themes and trends which would otherwise not be noted through a single process.

Here you'll find theSoft Intelligence Line (SIL) Guidelines; and here is the Soft Intelligence Reporting Form.

To get in touch, please email capccg.SIL@nhs.net