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Local Commissioning Agreements

Primary Care Local Commissioning offer for 2022-23
local agreements

Background and context 

As a result of the BIG conversation that was held with General Practice back in early 2020, the CCG approved a 3-year commissioning agreement that provided a degree of financial security for practices and a CCG commitment to no “in year” changes to enable practices to stabilise and manage the increasing demands on their workforce and services. 

For the past two years the CCG has also applied payment protection against the Local Commissioning Agreement until 31st March 2022 to support General Practices response to the COVID Pandemic. This payment protection arrangement ceased on the 31st March 2022. 

2022/23 is the final year of the CCG’s commitment to the 3-year Local Commissioning Agreement and therefore sees a continuation of existing services and expenditure as part of this commitment. 

The budget to support the 2022/23 plan of expenditure has been approved at just over £10.3 million and includes an inflationary uplift of 1.7% in line with the Acute Trusts.

Local Commissioning Agreement 2022/23 

A copy of the 2022/23 Agreement is attached as Appendix A or your perusal and consideration, with a summary of the changes and pricing for 2022/23 attached as Appendix B. 

Also attached are the NHSE/I Directed Enhanced Service specifications relating to the Minor Surgery DES and Learning Disability DES, which the CCG will be managing locally during 2022/23. 

Practices are invited to sign up to these agreements via the online form by no later than 27 May 2022.

Reporting and claiming in 2022/23 

In 2022/23, reporting and claiming under this agreement will be on a monthly basis by 20th day of each following month via CQRS Local, with the exception of all of the list based remunerated services: 

The Primary Care Team are currently in the process of preparing the CQRS Local Portal to “Go Live” and will advise practices when this has been completed. Practices will be required to submit all activity undertaken under this agreement between 1 - 30 April 2022 by the extended deadline of no later than the 27 May 2022. The deadline has been extended in light of the delay in sending out the agreement and offering the services on CQRS Local. 

The CCG primary Care IT Team will no longer be providing or maintaining data entry templates or clinical reports to support the Local Commissioning Level Agreements due to the move across to using Ardens. 

To ensure ongoing quality of care and accuracy of data, the CCG Primary Care IT Team have worked closely with Ardens who have confirmed all necessary coding is now available and clearly marked as required for reporting where possible. 

The Primary Care IT Team would therefore strongly recommend using the Ardens templates going forward to capture clinical and administrative information and their reports for submissions. The report can be found under the folder labelled Arden's Ltd > Contracts I 2022 23 I CCG

If there are any queries regarding the Ardens template or reports, please contact the Primary Care IT Team - CAPCCG.PrimaryCareIT@nhs.net.