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Local Commissioning Agreements 2017-18

Quality and Engagement Framework and Local Enhanced Services (LES) 2017-18

Over the past few months we have been developing our Primary Care Investment plans taking account of the funding streams available to us nationally and our ongoing commitment as a CCG to invest in Primary Care. The CCG remains committed to supporting Primary Care to remain sustainable and recognise that a thriving primary care service is vital both in terms of patient care and delivering the GP Forward View which is the main driver behind the development of our Primary Care Strategy.

We are now in a position to confirm our proposals for investment through our Local Enhanced Service Offer and our wider Primary Care Investment Programme. This has been developed in consultation with the LMC, and approved by the CCG’s Primary Care Commissioning Committee and Governing Body. The general approach and specifically the level of investment has been agreed by the CCG Finance and Performance Committee which is lay member only, in line with our process on managing conflicts of interest.

Reinvestment of PMS Premium Re-basing Monies and Transformation Funding

The CCG is still facing a very challenging financial position for 2017/18. However, we are committed to continuing to support the development of a strong, transformed primary care service as a vital element of our whole system transformation work. This forms part of our strategy to deliver a sustainable local NHS and aligns us to delivering the GP Forward View. The total allocation of funds into our 2017/18 primary care investment and commissioning plans represents a significant investment of £10.4 million by the CCG.

 The PMS premium released through re-basing all PMS contracts over a 4/5 year period must be re-invested in GP practices through agreement between NHS England and the CCG, in consultation with the LMC. This will help fund the investment in local enhanced services and the new Quality and Engagement Framework described below.

The CCG’s investment also includes the Transformation Fund, equivalent to an investment level of £1.50 per head of population into the development of new care models in primary care in both 2017/18 and 2018/19. This investment is to support the implementation of the local primary care strategy and will focus on the requirements of the GP Forward View.

Quality and Engagement Framework 2017/18

For 2017/18 we have developed a new Quality and Engagement Framework as an alternative, simpler scheme to replace the PDMA agreements. The new Quality and Engagement Framework is being commissioned from practices at £2.00 per registered patient and comprises three components relating to CCG engagement; demand management & improving the quality of referrals; and medicines optimisation.

The CCG has sought to rationalise the content and the monitoring of this scheme to reflect the remuneration on offer and current workload demands in General Practice.                           

A copy of the Quality and Engagement Framework can be downloaded by clicking on the drop down list under 'Downloads' on the right hand side of the page.

Local Enhanced Services 2017/18 

Investment in Primary Care to commission enhanced services and address historically unfunded services will continue, and for some services a new tariff has been introduced to recognise the workload and resources needed to support continuation of these services. Where a new tariff is not required the CCG has applied a 1% uplift to 2016/17 tariff prices in line with the national GMS/PMS inflationary uplift and allowed an additional 2.6% for growth in activity within the overall budget.

The CCG is keen to ensure that there is population coverage and that patient access to services remains fair and equitable across the county.  We will therefore be encouraging Practices/Federations to further explore new ways of working collaboratively with each other and with other key stakeholders to form more effective partnership working with their neighbourhood teams to enable Practices to deliver services safely, effectively and efficiently and to fill any service gaps. Practices are invited to put forward expressions of interest via the attached application form to assist the CCG with any commissioning gaps.

The Local Enhanced Service Specifications to support service delivery remain largely unchanged for 2017/18.  The Service Level Agreements for each service can be downloaded by clicking on drop down list under 'Downloads' on the right hand side of the page.