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Local Commissioning Agreements

Primary Care Local Commissioning offer for 2020-21

CCG Local Commissioning Offer 2020/21

Over the past few months, we have been developing our Primary Care Investment plans, in consultation with the LMC, taking account of the funding streams available to us both locally and under Delegated Commissioning. We have also taken on board the feedback received from Practices via the Big Conversation held in January/February 2020 which highlighted that General Practices requires the following:

  • Financial certainty
  • Less reporting, although understand the need to measure activity and outcomes
  • No short notice or in year changes that are not communicated in a timely fashion
  • A requirement for protected time

The CCG has therefore made the commitment to guarantee the level of investment of CCG discretionary funding for the next three years by utilising monies from other parts of the system to support general practice.  This includes reinvestment of PMS rebasing monies (£6.2m) which is ring fenced for investment back into Primary Care and CCG local investment of (£3.5m).

For 2020-21, this will increase by more than we are investing in our acute providers by 4% to accommodate population growth and activity.

Commissioning Intentions for Year One from April 2020-21 

For 2020/21, we have combined the historical local enhanced service (LES) agreements and Quality and Engagement Framework (QEF) into one overarching agreement that will form the platform for the 3 year offer.

From April 2020, all services commissioned during 2019/20 will be recommissioned albeit with some small changes. All services are subject to change during this 3-year period, in agreement with the LMC, and therefore we are also taking this opportunity to advise practices of the proposed changes that are likely to take place from April 2021.

We are of course in very different times currently due to the Coronavirus outbreak and therefore in line with national and LMC guidance, we are taking a relaxed approach to the delivery and monitoring of these agree to make this as simple as possible for Practices to ensure practice income is protected during these unprecedented times.

Activity and Data Reporting 2020/21

We continue to aim to keep reporting arrangements to a minimum and we have committed to reduce reporting to every 6 months. This year, there is an offer for Practices to take up the option of central data extraction of activity undertaken by our Primary Care Information Team for the majority of services, to reduce the administrative burden on Practices. Practices should indicate whether they wish to take up this offer by ticking the relevant box on the Application Form.

All relevant documentation can be downloaded by clicking on drop down list under 'Downloads' on the right hand side of the page

Next Steps
  1. Practices are invited to review the 2020-23 CCG Local Commissioning Agreement Appendix A.  
  2. A summary of the locally commissioned services are available at Appendix B.
  3. Practices wishing to sign up to the agreement are required to complete the relevant sections on the application form at Appendix C and submit to capccg.enhancedservices@nhs.net by no later than 30 April 2020. 
CCG Support for Practice Protected Time

Finally, the CCG recognises the importance of clinical governance time to practices and will be working with the LMC and practices over the coming months to see how we might want to fund and organise this locally.

For any queries, please contact CAPCCG.primarycare@nhs.net