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GP Resilience

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CCG is pleased to announce that we are able to continue to support vulnerable practices through the GP Resilience Programme in 2019/20. 

The purpose of the GP Resilience Programme is to provide funding that will help practices to become more sustainable and resilient, better placed to tackle the challenges they face now and into the future, and allow them to continue to secure high quality care for patients.

We recognise that practices do not exist in isolation from one another and the impact of one or two issues can quickly have a ‘domino effect’ within local areas or Primary Care Networks , therefore the resilience programme allows support to be extended to not only the most at risk GP Practices, but also to their neighbouring practices that may be at risk of struggling if a practice in the vicinity becomes unable to cope. By building resilience into the system we reduce the risks to practices working at capacity, supporting them to better respond to the workload pressures that are widely recognised general practice.