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COVID-19 Vaccinations

This page is currently being updated.

Here you will find the latest information and resources to support patient communication around the COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

Covid-19 vaccine pathway including allergy

This pathway includes information on vaccination routes and management of allergies  with links to FAQs on allergy.

There is a referral proforma which includes a patient self report questionnaire. Please use this form for any Covid vaccination referral.

Local Frequently Asked Questions pages

A series of Frequently Asked Questions pages can be found here. Please feel free to use these questions and answers to support you and your practice.

National resources 

You can find the latest documents, training resources, consent letters and patient information leaflets and posters online.

Incorrect COVID Pass information

Patients who contact you regarding an incorrect or missing entry on their COVID Pass should contact the Vaccination Data Resolution Service (VDRS) to have their record corrected. To contact this team, please advise the patient that they should:

1. Call 119

2. Select option 1 (England)

3. Select option 4 (To report an issue with your COVID vaccination record)

4. Ask to speak to the Vaccination Data Resolution Service. The patient should get a call back within 21 days.

The VDRS team will aim to contact the individual within 21 days. The number they will call the individual from is 01869 817119. They will make three attempts to contact the individual (this is not a number that individuals can call into).

If the VDRS team are unsuccessful in contacting the individual, they will need to call 119 and make a new referral. The individual's previous call will be closed after the three attempts to contact them.