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Primary Care IT and Information Team

Welcome to the extranet pages for the Primary Care IT and Information team.

Contact the Primary Care IT Team:

General, hardware and software queries and requests should be made to CAPCCG.PrimaryCareIT@nhs.net 

Training, business change and system optimisation queries/requests CAPCCG.GPClinicalSystemQueries@nhs.net 

Electronic Prescription Service queries, or requests to Go Live, please contact Chris Roberts - croberts1@nhs.net 

Primary Care Information and Data Quality Queries - CAPCCG.PrimaryCareInformation@nhs.net 

Primary Care Information Team

The Primary Care Information team are a support function aimed at improving data quality and standardisation in primary care clinical records. We work closely with GP practices, community, child health and other provider organisations to ensure the safety and relevance of the shared electronic record.

We provide guidance documents and support tools for enhanced services, public health campaigns and local CCG pathways/services. These will be based on business rules/coding specifications where available.

Please refer to your specific clinical system page to access available tools and documents.

Contact details for the information team:

The email address below will be managed by a member of the team every day and can be used for requesting advice with clinical recording, coding, reporting and development of clinical system tools. CAPCCG.primarycareinformation@nhs.net