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Stepping in to my shoes

Stepping in to my Shoes is a simple concept of matching learners and sharers together with the intention of a mutual learning opportunity. The Learner shares their experience in another organisation with their teams and services, while the sharer reveals their skills and knowledge and in what capacity. 


The Stepping into My Shoes opportunities could include:

  • Shadowing staff within other organisations or sectors, such as health or social care, for a few hours/a day.
  • Access mentoring or coaching.
  • Join/facilitate a cross-organisational action learning set.
  • Visit a department/service to see how it approaches supporting local people.
  • Facilitation of action learning sets.
  • Attend one of our health or social care public meetings to see how they make decisions affecting local people e.g. Health and Wellbeing Boards, Governing Body Meetings etc.
  • Share experiences to support both your development and the C&P STP.
  • Share learning, build relationships and organisational development.

To get involved as a learner.

To get involved as a sharer.