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Don't swallow up your NHS

 From £1,114,496 spent on dry skin and sunburn to £883,456 spent on viatmins your local NHS spent MILLIONS prescribing basic medication last year, which could easily be bought over the counter. Can you help us by buying your own over the counter medications?

Paracetamol, indigestion treatment, heartburn treatment, anti-diahorrea medications, vitamins, dry/sore eye treatment...

These are just some of the medications that patients in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough get free on prescription, when they could be bought over the counter from a pharmacy for a small amount.
There are many reasons why some patients get free prescriptions, and for many this helps by providing them with a medication that CANNOT be bought from a pharmacy. 

However, for some people who can have free prescriptions their medications CAN be bought from a pharmacy, and we are encouraging those who can afford to, to do so. This might include

  • parents of children under 16, 
  • pregnant women, 
  • people over 60 
  • people with certain medical conditions.

Each time a patient visits their GP and gets a medication, that could be bought over the counter, it costs the NHS approximately £46 for the medication and the GP's time. We estimate the cost of time and money spent on GP appointments for patients who could have self-cared at £17.6million. 

This is how much the local NHS spend on medicines and how much they cost patients to buy:

  • Dry skin/sunburn cost us to prescribe £1,114,496 Cost for you to buy £3 (200ml aftersun).
  • Vitamins cost us to prescribe £883,456. Cost for you to buy £1.99 (30 multi-vitamins).
  • Dry/sore eyes cost us to prescribe £720,037. Cost for you to buy £1.95 (10ml eye drops).
  • Hay fever  cost us to prescribe £385,529. Cost for you to buy 80p (14 tablets).