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SOS (Stop Or Switch) prescribing list

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG are always looking at ways to improve quality and make sure we get the best value and outcome for patients from limited NHS resources. 

As part of a national NHS review of medicine available on prescription we have developed a local SOS (Stop Or Switch) prescribing list. This list includes medicines we have recommended GPs should no longer prescribe to patients. These items have been included because they are one of the following:
  • Not clinically effective - medicines where there is little evidence to support their use, or which are recognised as having limited medical benefit or significant safety concerns.
  • Available without a prescription - medicines that you can buy easily over the counter at local pharmacies or shops, often at lower cost than to the NHS.
  • Not cost effective – medicines that do not offer good value for money and alternative medicines may be available.

How does this affect me?

If the SOS (Stop Or Switch) list includes an item that you currently have on prescription your GP will discuss what options are most suitable for you.

This could include switching to an alternative medicine, or your GP providing you with advice and guidance on how you can manage a specific condition without the need of prescription medicine.

Any queries or complaints you have should be directed to the Patient Experience Team on:
Tel: 0800 279 2535
Email: capccg.pet@nhs.net