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CCG Statement on Burghley Road practice closure

Burghley Road is a branch surgery of the main practice site, Dogsthorpe Medical Centre. 

There are some short term concerns around the Burghley Road site relating to their heating and hot water systems which impacts on patient care, therefore the CCG has supported the practice’s decision to close the surgery at this time.

The majority of patients registered with Dogsthorpe surgery receive their care at the main site, with only 2-4 patients seen each day at Burghley Road. The practice has been engaging with their patients about the planned closure of their branch site to mitigate the impact on patients.

Dogsthorpe Medical Centre and its branch Burghley Road are part of the Nightingale development which will see a purpose built, fit for the future health facility on the old John Mansfield School site in Peterborough. This exciting project will see Dogsthorpe Medical Centre and Welland Medical Practice come together to provide GP led services in this new building. There is a long term plan to engage with patients who use these services about the anticipated relocation of its services to the Nightingale Health Centre.

The last date for Burghley Road surgery to remain open is Friday 25th January. Patients have been contacted about the short term closure of the Burghley Road Surgery. If patients have any concerns they should contact the practice directly.

Update on 16 January 2019

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group and Burghley Road Surgery, said “The CCG and Practice have worked together over a number of months on a plan to relocate Burghley Road, which is a branch of Dogsthorpe Medical.  Over the past few months engagement with patients has been taking place to move the services to the main Dogsthorpe Surgery site. 

“This plan to reduce the services at Burghley Road recognised the concerns that the staff had raised, which included staff and patient safety, and acknowledged the longer plan for the services to relocate to a new building, currently under construction on the John Mansfield School site (Nightingale).  All safety issues are taken seriously by both the practice and CCG.  The CCG was advised last week that the heating system at Burghley Road was not working, affecting hot water and heat in the building, this prompted the approval of the temporary closure.  Any permanent closure will require a formal decision to be taken.  

“More detailed engagement will commence with the patients of Dogsthorpe and Burghley Road, once the date that the Nightingale Health Centre is ready to open is confirmed. In the meantime, the practice continues to engage with its patients and services continue to be offered from the Dogsthorpe Surgery site.”