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CCG nurses reflect on COVID-19 deployments

Some of our brilliant Continuing Healthcare nurses have recently returned to the CCG after a four-week deployment at the COVID-19 critical care unit at Royal Papworth Hospital. Two of our nurses talk about their redeployment below.
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Ann-Marie Murawksi

What is your normal day job like?

I normally work in case management within the Complex Cases team. I generally don’t have direct contact with patients. I worked at a High Dependency Unit in a previous life, but that was as close as I ever got to this kind of critical care work.

What will stay with you?

When you’re wearing full PPE everything is different – even things we take for granted like talking and breathing. You need to have really strong communication skills to stay connected with the people around you. I was really impressed with the way Royal Papworth staff communicated with each other.

Seeing just how ill people can get from COVID-19 has had a big impact on me. When I carry out care assessments for people who have had COVID-19 who are going home, I will now have much more of an understanding of the impact the illness will have had on them. Having seen it first-hand you really appreciate the impact COVID-19 can have on a patient’s overall health.

Sam Buchan

What is your normal day job like?

I work as a CHC nurse within the complex cases team. Before COVID-19, I would tend to do lots of visits to patients. I miss that patient contact so much, and I think many of us in my team do.

What will stay with you?

For one thing, the colleagues I’ve met will stay with me. We didn’t even really know each other before our deployment, but going through this experience together means that that my colleagues really know what it was like and understand.

I expect that I’ll see patients who are recovering from COVID-19 as a CHC nurse in the future. I’ll be a lot more able to understand and help these patients because I’ve seen first-hand what some of the most seriously ill COVID-19 patients go through.