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Do not over order prescription medications

Is the message from the local NHS as it urges people not to over-order medicines they receive on prescription, as it reveals that in March 2020 alone, 145,000 more medications were prescribed, compared to March 2019.
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Understandably, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as the transition out of the EU, some patients may have concerns about being able to obtain medicines, leading them to order additional medication over fears that there may be a shortage or that they may not be able to collect their prescription.

Sati Ubhi, Chief Pharmacist at the CCG, said “We need to ensure equity for all our patients, and we work tirelessly to ensure our patients have access to their essential medications. During these challenging times, we greatly need your support and help to continue to ensure all our patients can receive their medications. We strongly recommend that you do not request more than 28 days’ supply at any one time.”

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG saw a 38% increase* in March 2020, in the number of respiratory medicines prescribed, including inhalers. They have also seen an increase in supply of other essential medicines like insulin and painkillers.  

There is no need or reason to over order medication, which could disadvantage other patients, and there is also a risk of shortages if increase in demand.

It is important, that if anyone has supplies at home, that they only request more medication once they have used these supplies. Storing excess medicines at home increases the risk for children and others of accidental overdose. 

Rita Bali, Executive Officer at the Cambs LPC, “Community pharmacy teams are working extremely hard to ensure that everyone can access the medicines they need. As with the first lockdown there is no need to order additional medication. Please continue to take your medication in the usual way and contact your local pharmacy if you have any queries or concerns.”

Think before ordering medications, only order what's needed, when it's needed. 

* (compared to March 2019).