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Place of birth options at The Rosie Hospital

Your choice of place of birth will be discussed at your booking appointment, but if you change your mind at any time throughout your pregnancy then you can just speak to your midwife who is there to support you.


The Rosie offers three locations for labour and birth – home, Rosie birth centre (RBC) or delivery unit.

If you have no health or pregnancy complications, the usual place to birth your baby is the Rosie birth centre or at home.


If you chose to have your baby at home, your birth will be supported by midwives who take the lead in care for low risk pregnancy and childbirth.

The maternity service at the Rosie supports home births however it is acknowledged that at times this will not possible due to staffing and/or workload both within the hospital and/ or community. Should it not be possible to support a homebirth then a woman in labour will be asked to attend the Rosie (or if on divert to a neighbouring unit) where there is a midwife available to care for her. In the event of a labouring woman being unable to make her way in or declining to attend and the unit is unable to attend the birth at home then an ambulance will be sent to facilitate transfer to a unit where a midwife is available to provide care.

Rosie Birth Centre

Having a baby at Rosie birth centre is suitable for:

  •  women who are fit and healthy and have not had any complications in this pregnancy.
  •  women who go into labour between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy and want a normal, natural birth experience.
If you are under the care of a consultant obstetrician, you may still be eligible to have your baby at the birth unit and an appointment with the consultant midwife will be made. Please discuss this at your antenatal clinic appointment. You may also discuss any queries with your community midwife.

If you chose to have your baby in the birth centre you will be supported at the birth by midwives who take the lead in the care of low risk births. Each room in the birth centre is designed to offer a calm environment and has its own pool and en suite facilities. Your partner may stay with you throughout your stay here, and it is anticipated that you will return home within a few hours after the birth.

Facilities at Rosie Birth Centre

When you are in active labour, Rosie birth centre offers a calm and homely atmosphere. This is known to help with normal labour and birth. We understand the importance of listening to you and we will respect and support your informed decisions regarding your labour and birth. Facilities available are: 

  • birthing rooms designed to create a calm and homely environment.
  • each room has a pool. Many women using our facilities gain comfort from relaxing in water during labour and often stay in the pool for the birth of their baby.
  • mood lighting, music systems and en-suite bathrooms.
  • birthing balls, slings, birthing stools, floor mats and comfortable seating in all rooms.
  • a fold-down double bed for you to rest on with your new baby while staff organise your discharge.
  • many of the birthing rooms have direct access to our sensory garden.
  • a communal kitchen and seating area.
  • you are very welcome to bring in relaxing music and any items that will make your birth space special and personal to you.

Delivery unit

The delivery unit and obstetric theatres aim to provide high quality care to mothers and babies during childbirth and the immediate postnatal period. We offer both midwifery and consultant-led care. The lead carer will be decided in the antenatal period according to a risk assessment and the woman’s choice.

If you have any medical conditions or pregnancy complications that would indicate the need for obstetric led care, then the safest place for you to have your baby is on the delivery unit, where your birth will be supported by a maternity team which will include midwives and doctors. The delivery unit also has rooms with en suite facilities and there is a newly refurbished pool room.

Talk to your midwife about any risk factors in your pregnancy and the most appropriate option for you.

About the ward

Clinic 23 is a new area at the entrance to the delivery unit open daily from 07:45 - 20:15 for triage, this is where women are assessed for treatment and possible admission.

The delivery unit has a birthing pool, eight delivery rooms and four clinical rooms. The clinical rooms are used for women who have known risk factors that might complicate labour and delivery. Some of the rooms have en suite facilities and work is still ongoing to achieve all rooms with this facility.

A bereavement suite of two rooms is also available for medical terminations of pregnancy for fetal abnormalities, and for those women who are expecting stillborn babies. An upgrade of this facility is in progress.

Rosie theatres provide a twin-theatre suite for the maternity service. Geographically, they are part of the delivery unit and provide 24-hour, 7-day emergency cover as well as six elective surgery lists a week.

In October 2013 a new purpose built eight bedded unit opened. Five beds are for women requiring recovery post surgery and three beds providing a closer level of care to women who have high risk care needs. Most women will be transferred to the postnatal ward (Lady Mary ward) within 24 hours.

Their contact details are 01223 217217

Cambridge Birth Choices

Cambridge Birth Choices is a peer-to-peer group providing support and information about choices in childbirth for the Cambridge community. They meet on the second Friday at the Cambridge Women's Resources Centre at 12:30-14:30 (women and children only) and the last Friday of the month 13:00-15:00 at Satyam Yoga Cambridge on Hawthorne Way (everyone welcome). Please email Cambridge Birth Choices for more information.