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Liliya's story

Liliya's daughter was born just before lockdown and she tells us about the local help she had with breastfeeding. She tells us about her breastfeeding journey
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"My name is Liliya, I'm 43y.o now. My daughter Nadia was born just before the lockdown via c-section due to my health problems. Nadia is almost 3 months old. She is my first born, conceived through IVF at such a late stage in my life. Her full name, Nadezhda, means "hope" in Russian, and it seemed to us, her parents, to name her so. (We're a mixed cultured family but my English husband is very keen on Russian culture). 

"After Nadia's birth, I had a lot of support with breastfeeding at Addenbrookes. Then later I had mastitis and abscess, all in the first months, during the lockdown. Breastfeeding was also painful but I wanted my little one to get the best start in life and persevered with breastfeeding. And now I'm happy that I did. 

"Even though I don't live in Ely, I heard about Ely Milks breastfeeding support from my new friends, mums, just like myself. So, I signed up for the Facebook group and started attending their online sessions. I loved them right from the start! The lack of face-to-face support is hard on many mums right now, so we need to take advantage of any such resources. And I'm very grateful to Sarah and Caroline from Ely Milks for reassuring me and other mums online by responding to our concerns and giving such valuable advice on many and various troubling issues, including breastfeeding. 

"I would really recommend any new mum to join any breastfeeding online groups and, if nothing else, you wouldn't feel alone in these challenging times. The help is there for you. And this is what I found. 

"My advice - do not give up breastfeeding. Enjoy these lovely bonding times with your baby!"