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Maisie's story

Maisie gave birth to her son at home during lockdown. After having problems feeding her second child, she wanted to get support from the beginning.
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"My name is Maisie, I’m 30 years old and on the 24th of April I had my third baby, Jacob Middleton, at home with 2 lovely midwives (well, one arrived slightly after baby was born as he was quick!). 

"I have a 2 year old and almost 4 year old who I also breastfed. My oldest was a great feeder and I had very few problems, we stopped at 8 months. My daughter however was a different story! She latched on wrong from the beginning and it caused awful nipple trauma for the next 4 months. I persevered because breastfeeding is very important to me but every feed was agony until we could work past it. So this time I wanted to get support from the beginning to make sure Jacob latched correctly from the beginning. 

"The lovely second midwife (whose name I’ve sadly forgotten!), watched as he latched and stayed with me for his whole feed to make sure. She also gave me some great tips from a breastfeeding magazine. On day 5 for the home visit a different midwife also made sure he was still latching well. And I’m pleased to say he’s now 5 weeks old and our breastfeeding journey is going really well! 

"My advice would always be to ask for support from the beginning. Get a midwife to watch your baby latch as often as you can, it’s something both you and your baby need to learn to do properly despite people telling you it’s a natural thing. Something else people rarely tell you about breastfeeding is that cluster feeding is completely normal at the beginning, don’t panic they’re not getting enough milk, its also their comfort being close to you and a great way to help your milk come in! There are some great groups on Facebook that offer support and where people are awake whatever time you post a question!"