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Ruth's story

Ruth's second child Samuel was born in the first month of lockdown at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. She shares with us her experiences of getting breastfeeding help over the phone and on social media.
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"My little boy Samuel was born on 27th March. He's my second baby; my first, Elizabeth, is now 3 years old and she was breastfed until she was about 2.5 years old.

"We had planned a homebirth for Sam but once the midwife arrived at our house, she spotted meconium in my waters, so we transferred to Hinchingbrooke by ambulance. We were very fortunate that despite extra pressures on the service due to coronavirus, the ambulance took just 15 minutes to get to our house. The labour was fast and we arrived in the Delivery Suite with just a few minutes to spare before Sam was born!

"Sam started rooting to feed almost immediately. We were lucky that he seemed to know exactly what he was doing, latching and beginning to feed without any difficulty. 

"My previous breastfeeding experience was very straightforward, but despite our positive start this time around, I struggled with a lot of pain during those first few days with Sam. Once my milk came in, I became engorged. Sam was struggling to latch and when he did, the pain was excruciating. I was keen to get support with breastfeeding but worried that the usual services would not be accessible due to social distancing. I rang the midwives at Hinchingbrooke so I was able to get immediate advice and reassurance over the phone. I also tapped into support from the local breastfeeding group on social media so very soon I felt armed with lots of different techniques to try to ease the pressure, both physically and mentally! 

"Thankfully the pain and discomfort eased after about 48 hours and we have not looked back. Breastfeeding has become second nature once again, and Sam is thriving. We still have the odd tough day and the ongoing challenges this time around are due to having another child to look after as well as my newborn. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I am becoming well practiced at breastfeeding while simultaneously running after a preschooler! "