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Your stories

Here you'll find pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding stories from local mothers, families and health care staff in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. 

By sharing experiences we can help other local parents.
We'd love to hear your story too, so please send them in or contact us to find out more about how to submit one for this page.
We'll add more in as we get them.

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  • Harriet's story baby rowan nicu.jpegHarriet's son Rowan arrived at 33+4 weeks gestation, and had a eight day stay in the Rosie NICU
  • Charlotte's story baby charlotte.jpegCharlotte's daughter Darcie was quickly taken to NICU after birth
  • Shaleena's story shaleena.jpgShaleena shares her story of true determination to breastfeed her second child
  • Ruth's story Ruth breastfeeding story.jpgRuth's shares her experience of getting breastfeeding help during lockdown over the phone and on social media.
  • Liliya's story liliya breastfeeding week.jpgLiliya's daughter was born just before lockdown and she tells us about the local help she had with breastfeeding
  • Shellie's story shellie breastfeeding week.jpgShellie gave birth during lockdown and shares her breastfeeding story
  • Maisie's story maisie breastfeeding week.jpgMaisie gave birth during lockdown and shares her breastfeeding experiences and advice
  • Candice's story candice.jpgAfter Candice's daughter was born, she was admitted to NICU. Candice shares this experience with us.
  • Kym's story kym's story.jpgKym shares her story of her rainbow baby Barnaby
  • Sarah's story Sarah Bennison.JPGSarah's daughter was diagnosed with a condition which meant organs were developing outside her abdomen.
  • Abbie's story Abbie.jpgAbbie shares her story of having gestational diabetes
  • Jodie's story jodie.jpgJodie tells us about her home birth experience
  • Anne's story anne.jpgAnne tells us about her unexpected home birth with her daughter
  • Sherri's story pregnancy.jpgSherri talks about her experiences of giving birth and midwifery care.
  • Gemma's story gemma breastfeeding story better births.jpgGemma was determined to breastfeed her daughter and then went on to help other mothers