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Anne's story

Anne's first daughter an emergency home birth, born at home in the bathroom.

Anne shares with us the birth stories of both her daughters,

"Our first daughter was born in August 2015 and I was 3 days overdue and delivered at home in the bathroom. My labour started at 3.30am in the morning, I continually needed the toilet, I then laid on the bed but could not get comfortable so I ran a bath and had a paracetamol as I wasn't having contractions. I gave myself a talking to thinking this was going to be much worse as it progressed.

"I began having contractions without any significant pain. My waters broke and I rang my husband to ask he return home and then the maternity helpline. The helpline advised me to go to the hospital to be seen.

"20 minutes later, the plug came away in my hand, and I felt my daughter's head, she came out landing in the toilet as I was hovering over it.

"My husband had still not returned from work, I rang for an ambulance. My husband returned to a ghastly sight and me holding our baby. It was scary as she made no sound at first.

"The paramedic and ambulance crew who arrived were brilliant. My placenta delivered whilst on the toilet too. On arrival at the hospital our care was brilliant.

"Our second daughter was born in December 2018, but this time at hospital. During the pregnancy I was advised that I required further growth scans and appointments with a consultant. 

"On the last consultant appointment, I was advised that our daughter would be a good weight and an induction would be appropriate. I was induced 10 days early. We went into hospital at 4pm. Thankfully my waters could be broken straight away without having to have a pessary. I was put on a drip at 11.30pm and our daughter was born at 4.18am the following morning. After being stitched, I haemorrhaged, thankfully this was identified and dealt with.  

"The care we received was fantastic throughout. Our daughter didn’t weigh as much as firstly thought. 

"Whilst both experiences were different, I recognised that childbirth is one of the most undignified, and vulnerable situations a women travels through. 

"The skill, compassion and knowledge of these professionals was excellent displaying respect and no judgement at any point. We are grateful that we have an NHS with caring, professionals who serve people so well."