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Candice's story

After Candice's daughter was born, she was admitted to NICU. Candice shares this experience with us.

Candice shares with us the story of daughter's birth and stay on the NICU, in her own words.

"I had my first son in December of 2011 at Peterborough hospital, I could not have asked for a better experience.  When I arrived at the hospital I was 3cm within 10 min I was 10cm, they barely got me into the pool for my water birth but they did and 22 minutes later my first child was born.  

"In December 2012 we were back again for the birth of my second son.  Again, it was a fast birth, but I got my water birth again and he came quicker then the first.  My daughter was born in 2015, all I wanted was another water birth.  Due to my history of fast births they kept a close eye on me.  The staff went out of their way to make me comfortable and ensured I got my water birth for the third time.  I think I pushed once and she appeared, she was perfect and calm and beautiful. 

"About thirty minutes after she was born she started to wheeze.  I was assured this happens sometimes and was moved to a private room to shower and clean up so they could monitor her. I took a shower while my husband sat with her. When I came out she was grey and weezing louder. I will never forget a midwife walking past the room and literally stepping back to check on us. Next thing I knew the emergency team were there and they whisked her to the NICU. I was distraught but through everything they kept me informed and took me to the NICU quite quickly. She had a severe chest infection and was laying with tubes sticking out of her, it was like a nightmare.  I was assigned a lead nurse straight away who spent time with me.  We quickly developed a bond and I knew my daughter was always under the best  care.  

"I was offered to stay in the hospital, so that I could pump and feed her.  I was always made to feel welcome when I was in the NICU.  After three days I was told they needed my bed and I would need to go home and come back every three hours.  When the NICU staff found out they quickly made arrangements for me to stay in one of the rooms they have on the ward. I was grateful beyond words, as the thought of leaving my baby girl was unspeakable.  

"After five days we thought she had turned a corner and was coming home soon but at three in the morning I was woken by the NICU staff to say she had crashed. They had become like family and kept me standing during one of the longest nights of my life. The tea was endless, they didn’t just care for my baby but they cared for me to. They worked tirelessly to make her better and when we were finally discharged I felt like I was losing a family member.  

"They sent her home with a handmade quilt, a blanket and hat that were donated, when ever I look at them it reminds me of my time in the NICU and I smile.   Every day I look at my daughter I feel beyond grateful she had such amazing people caring for her.  They will always hold a special place in my heart."