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Charlotte's story

Charlotte's daughter Darcie was born at The Rosie hospital in Cambridge, but straight after birth Darcie needed help and spent time in the NICU.
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Charlotte tells us what happened in her own words.

"Darcie was born on the 30th July by the most loveliest midwife and student midwife, 5 mins after birth she needed inflation breaths, doctors were extremely quick and helped her. She got taken straight to NICU , they were aware I had anti c in my blood and it had been there my whole pregnancy. The NICU staff were very quick to get her on phototherapy and antibiotics. She had NG tube , and all other things. Her jaundice was extremely high if the doctors weren’t so fast acting it could of been a different story. 

"Darcie went to a few rooms within NICU so she was cared for by lots of staff. I was discharged so I had to leave my new baby there something I’d never experienced- I was heartbroken. But the staff were so warm and caring - genuinely caring it made it slightly easier. I could call anytime day or night and they would talk and inform me of what was happening. It was hard due to visit restrictions but I understand why and I respected those as it’s for the safety of these precious babies. Darcie-grace has a really rare genetic condition some tiny abnormalities (picked up by NICU drs) lucky they did as it is affecting her. 

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"She’s still so tiny but she’s a miracle. The Rosie have been outstanding with us and I will be forever greatful to the staff. 

"We have named her Darcie-grace Brenda Rosie kewin. I wanted to put Rosie in as a honour as such to the hospital. Our daughter may not be here today if they didn’t act and treat her so fast. 

"Thank you to all the NICU staff you truly are hero’s! "