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Kym's story

Kym shares her story of her first child Alfie and her rainbow baby Barnaby.
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Kym tells us her story in her own words:

"Our first baby Alfie was born on 19 December 2015. I had an induced labour due to my waters breaking on 16 December and active labour not commencing 48 hours later. 

"The labour went smoothly and I used hypnobirthing techniques throughout and managed with a tens machine and gas and air towards the end. Sadly less than 48 hours later Alfie died. We later found out his cardiotocography (CTG) trace had been misinterpreted during my labour so he had sustained a severe brain injury.

"When I became pregnant again I was terrified that our second child may too die. We were very fortunate to be hugely supported by an incredible community midwife who talked us through all my options for labour and birth and enabled us to make informed but flexible choices. 

"We welcomed our rainbow baby Barnaby via planned C-section as I didn't feel mentally able to endure labour again.We were very lucky to have incredible support from our community midwife throughout our pregnancy and they were even there at the birth which meant the world to us."

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