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Sherri's story

Sherri talks about her experiences of giving birth and midwifery care. 

Sherri's story

During my third pregnancy in 2015 I had a planned home-birth that turned out to be a birth before arrival. 

I had care from two midwives (but mostly one) throughout my pregnancy and one of the same two midwives attended me at my home, immediately after the birth. I also saw the same midwife for all the postnatal stuff. 

The care was amazing and I don’t believe I would have had the same confidence in my body and in home-birth, had I not seen the same midwife. I also got to meet the entire home birth team, which was five midwives over coffee, prior to my labour/birth.

The entire process was comfortable and easy and I felt very well cared for. My husband also felt completely included in the process and was able to spend time asking questions and building a relationship with the midwives. I think this atmosphere really helped him to feel at ease with the labour and birth process. 

I went on to have another pregnancy in 2017 when the home-birth team had disbanded but I was lucky enough to see the same midwife that I had seen in 2015. 

Again, the care was good, however, there was a definite, noticeable change in appointment times and length of time that the midwife spent with me in my pregnancy. I also experienced cancelled appointments on the account that my midwife had to cover clinics. I had two complete strangers at this birth, which was okay, but felt very different from the 2015 birth. 

I would say that the 2015 pregnancy felt very much like we were at the forefront of our midwives minds and was always contacted by phone by the midwife for any follow ups or notifications. The 2017 one was a bit more all over the place and the post natal appointments were a complete mess.