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Peterborough phlebotomy services

If your GP or practice nurse decides you need a blood test, in most cases this will either be carried out within your GP practice, or if you are referred for an outpatient appointment, then at the hospital. If your practice is not able to provide this service, they may refer you to the phlebotomy service at the City Care Centre; your practice will tell you where you need to go.


The service is located within the City Care Centre on Thorpe Road in Peterborough. It is open Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 2.30pm and patients arriving after 2.30pm may not be treated if the service is in high demand (click to view this location on Google maps). 

Please note that the 8.00am-9.00am timeslot is targeted at those people who need to go on to work, or who are taking relatives and then need to go on to work.

This is a drop-in service – no appointment necessary. If you are a regular attender the staff will advise on best times to attend to minimise waiting.

If you have been sent for a Glucose Tolerance Test you need to attend at 8.00am on Monday to Friday. This test may take two hours. You should have fasted since the evening before (nil by mouth; only water allowed in the morning).

You must bring blood request forms from your GP practice. Blood tests cannot be carried out without the forms and staff at the City Care Centre cannot generate these forms.

Blood samples need to be transported to a lab on the day they are taken, and your GP will be notified of the results 3-5 working days later. The last blood courier transport leaves at 2.50pm.

Please be advised that the use of mobile communication devices is absolutely prohibited in all phlebotomy treatment rooms. Additionally, unrestrained children are not allowed in the treatment rooms for safety reasons.

If you would like to provide feedback on the service, contact:

The Patient Experience Team
FREEPHONE 0800 279 2535 (24 hr answer phone) 
Email: capccg.pet@nhs.net

This service is run by Noviche Bioscience. If you should wish to contact the service provider directly please call Ivan Roberts, Noviche Bioscience on 07857 548 189 or 08450573718 or email novichecbs@gmail.com.